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Your Doula

Hello! My name is Rosalinda. Not only do I create herbal products for women but I am also a Doula. I love serving women in their birth experience.

As a Doula, I am here to provide you with emotional & physical support, continuous labor support, and even postpartum care. 


We'll ask questions you haven't even considered, make decisions you didn't realize you could and create the birth plan that empowers you!

Why a Doula?

  • shorter labors

  • baby APCAR scores

  • improved feelings about birth

  • breast feeding success

Pregnancy Exercise
  • cesarean rates

  • forceps & vacuum births

  • epidurals/anesthesia

  • labor stress & anxiety

A Doula is a non-medical professional dedicated to the emotional and physical support of the mother

There are no shift changes... we are with you the entire time. You may have your husband, but we are specifically trained to help you manage the discomfort, be there to support you in a medical setting, provide you information about your birth options, and care for you postpartum if desired. 


"Rosalinda is so passionate about this field, She's a natural. She knew what I needed before I knew I needed it! She went above and beyond to support me and advocate for me."


Free Wombman Consultation

If you're pregnant and curious about how a Doula can serve you, just ask. 

It does not matter if you're in a hospital, at home or in a midwife center. We're here for you, mama.

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Curious About Your Placenta??

Mothers have reported the following benefits of consuming their placenta:

  •  Increased energy

  • Hormonal balance

  • Improved breast milk supply

  • Increased intake of vitamins & nutrients from placenta

  • Decreased postpartum depression

  • Decreased stress & anxiety

Disclaimer: The information on this page and website has not been evaluated by the FDA. The placenta encapsulation services are not clinical, pharmaceutical, or intended to diagnose or treat any condition. If you choose the ingest your placenta in capsule or other form, you take full responsibility for your health and for researching and making use of the remedies provided.